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Application Procedure

The normal starting date for the program is September, when the whole entering class begins its orientation and professional development. Under special circumstances, students may begin classes in February.

In January, the faculty begins to admit students and fill the class for the normal September start. Candidates are sent offers of admission as soon as possible, generally by mid- to late-February.

Prospective students are expected to complete their files by the December 15 deadline. We encourage all applicants to meet this applications deadline. Further information can be obtained from the MIT Admissions Office and the offices of the Technology & Policy Program.

The application must be completed online.

Offers of financial assistance are made once all available applications for September have been considered, normally by the end of March.

Arrange for official transcripts and test scores to be sent to:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology- TPP
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room E40-369
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

GRE Department Code:3514

Apply Here

Special instructions:

  • Application Fee of $75 will be required to submit the application
  • The TPP online application will require you to submit a current résumé, a cover letter, and a response to this supplemental question.

You can review the application before filling out and submitting it.  You may do this by clicking through to the Graduate Application page, clicking through to the Application form, and creating an application account.  There is no cost regarding setting up the account and you do not have to submit the application upon entering the site.  It is a great resource for working on your application, determining all the required elements for your application, and allows you time to prepare the strongest application possible.  Please contact us with any questions.

Please direct any questions to Ed Ballo at:
Phone: (617) 258-7295

We have only one application season and students can be admitted for September only. 

Application deadline:
December 15


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