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Alumni Careers Paths

Roger Alexander,TPP '90, presently employed with Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT) in Clarksburg, Maryland developing telecommunications technologies. Roger, a native of Trinidad, plans to return to his country to work in the field of telecommunications policy.

Dr. Deborah Estrin, TPP '83, is an Associate Professor at theUniversity of Southern California. Her field is computer networks. At MIT, she progressed from the Technology and Policy Program to her doctorate in Computer Science.

Eric Maille, TPP '84, is the Director of Financial Planning and Control at Hydro-Quebec, one of North America's largest utilities. The agency sponsored his studies at MIT, where he jointly studied economics and electrical engineering. His capability to combine both areas has led to major responsibilities for developing strategic and operational planning for the corporation.

Sylvia Marin-von Koller, TPP '88, is Policy Advisor with PROARCA/Costas, after first returning to Costa Rica to direct energy and environmental projects at the university and with non-governmental organizations. Her stay at MIT was sponsored by USAID. While here she combined her research in the Energy Lab with practical training as an intern in the State Government of New York.

Dr. Gregg Martin, TPP '88, is a career officer in the Army Corps of Engineers. Through his Masters and Ph.D. in TPP he has worked on policy issues ranging from military construction and environmental cleanup to military force structure and strategy in the past cold war world. Gregg is now Commander of the 5th Engineer Battalion at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. "Looking back", he writes, "the TPP program was one of the very best experiences of my life. It really expanded my mind and gave me the ability to analyze and deal with complex, ambiguous issues."

Burt Monroe, TPP '90, received a Rhodes Scholarship, the first Rhodes from MIT since 1983, and the first from theUniversity of Louisville since 1948. He now has the DPhil in Politics (the English equivalent of Political Science) at Lincoln College at Oxford University. He is now a professor at Indiana University.

Bryan Moser, TPP '89, served as president of the MIT Undergraduate Association as an undergraduate - the only person to have been elected twice. While with TPP, he participated in the MIT-Japan Science and Technology Program, which required intensive study of Japanese language and culture. After working as a research engineer for Nissan Motor Company in Oppanma, Japan, Bryan is now the Senior Researcher, Asia/Pacific Technology Policy at United Technologies in Tokyo, Japan, and is completing his doctorate at the University of Tokyo.

Isna Soedjatmoko, TPP '87, directs her own environmental consulting firm, after having worked for Mobil Oil Indonesia in their Environmental Department. A geology major from Bryn Mawr, she focussed her studies at TPP on natural resources management, combining courses at MIT and Harvard. She is part of a five-person team that ensures the company's gas producing operations and exploration activities comply with Indonesia's environmental regulations and policies and practices of Mobil Corporation. This involves mastering relevant regulations, developing and coordinating implementation of on-site environmental programs, and monitoring environmental quality.

Dr. Tatsujiro Suzuki, TPP '78, has developed an international career in nuclear energy policy. From the Technology and Policy Program he proceeded to the Boston Consulting Group and the International Energy Forum in Tokyo. Since then, he completed his doctorate at the University of Tokyo, was a visiting scientist at MIT, and has returned to a faculty position at the University of Tokyo.


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